Various Post-It Sketches

Various Post-It Sketches

The majority of these “doodles” here were made during work lunch breaks or downtime when I was simply feeling frustrated and needed a break. They don’t necessarily carry any deep meaning and some of them were simply just old cheesy “dad jokes” that I thought would be fun to draw.

I would stick them on the board above my desk and over time they started to amount. I was aiming to reach 50 in total and fell short by only a few.

As the number grew I considered leaving them in random public places like bus stops for people to find and hopefully give a stranger a smile.

I never got around to doing that and have since lost all the original Post-It Notes, so my Instagram posts are the only record I have of them.

I’ve been recreating many of them digitally lately and colouring some of them, which has proven to be quite a the task. Especially since very few of them were photographed perfectly flat or without obstruction. 

One in particular, “Number 12“, has had the most recolouring-treatment which I hope to create a backstory for one day.

The Post-It “recreations” are a work in progress which you’ll find in the art gallery.


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