Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts
So… I created this subdomain for a few reasons.

Firstly to collect files (hence this sub’s name), ideas, art & music projects and other such random oddities. In recent times I started using Facebook’s privacy settings to my advantage by posting things as Only Me feature for stuff I find helpful or interesting, but not necessarily “Public or Friends” worthy.

Over time this has become less reliable as Facebook itself isn’t very good at retaining history, despite the more recent Memories feature, so now I use my own site a lot more for this somewhat uninteresting data.

Post type options on Facebook
Toon Me!

This subdomain was never meant to be made public knowledge, although I did recently refer to it on a Facebook post of my own, so I guess the cats outta the bag, so to speak.

If for whatever reason you end up here and look around, be mindful that it is purely used for personal purposes only and will likely change frequently, the writing will definitely contain silly typos and grammatical errors. In this space I am not subject to public criticism. The only way you’ll end up here is because you’ve chosen to click a link I might have shared publicly, which again, I’ve only ever done once to date, but may do so more in future. I don’t really know.

I’ve owned the nikzane.com domain for almost 17 years now. It was my second ever domain purchase (my first was robodude.com which you can see some very early, albeit broken, snapshots on the Wayback Machine where I sub-titled my early placeholder site “Repetitive Task Specialist“) and began simply to claim that namespace and play around with basic HTML. It is only in recent years I transformed it into a business page for my web development practices.

Anywho, as the title suggests, this is purely just a random thought and a little back story. If for whatever reason you stumble upon this tiny corner of the internet, hi! I’m Nikolas, I ramble a lot, don’t make a lot of sense (most of the time), make many silly mistakes and I’m a self-professed nerd. ☺️

(PS: I don’t like my face, hence the usage of the cartoony filter! The only thing accurate about this photo is my large honker! 👃)



Nikolas Zane

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