Moe and Mee – Episode 1: We’re Floating

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Absurd and their fairly odd life.


  • Suddenly Float (Gravity)
  • Suddenly Stand Sideways (Gravity)
  • Suddenly Turn Pastel (Chromatophore)
  • Suddenly Have Polka Dot Skin (Chromatophore)
  • Suddenly Turn Stripy (Chromatophore)
  • Suddenly Turn Neon (Chromatophore?)
  • Suddenly Turn Photo Negative (Chromatophore?)
  • Are Suddenly Round (Shapeshifter)
  • Are Suddenly Square (Shapeshifter)
  • Are Suddenly Completely Nonchalant (Intentional Bipolarity?)
  • Suddenly Turn Inside Out (Absurdism)
  • Are Suddenly Abstract (Absurdism)
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